Neonatal Nurses Affect Today's Society

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How Do Neonatal Nurses affect Today 's Society?
How can you prevent your future newborn baby from spending their first couple of months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit? The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, also known as the “NICU”, is an intensive-care unit for Premature and ill babies. Babies that are referred to the NICU, is either born …show more content…

Another long term disability is Autism. Autism can affect a child 's speech, behavior and social skills. Premature birth can also lead to other problems such as Dental problems, hearing loss, and infections. Being born early, means that your brain and other bones are not fully formed and ready to work properly. How can one prevent premature births? Preventing premature birth can lead to longer, and healthier lives. Acting fast is the MAJOR KEY! If a mother is a Smoker and Drinker, and it 's her only escape out. She finds out she is four weeks pregnant, do she suppose to continue until the baby start kicking or do she act right away? The correct answer is stop and act right away! Smoking cigarettes is one of the greatest risks of premature birth. You can reduce your risk of having preterm birth, by staying stress free, protecting yourself from infections, not using street drugs, and stop smoking as soon as you find out you 're pregnant. Eating a nutritious and well balanced diet, quit smoking and drinking,avoid heavy lifting, maintain an adequate amount of weight gain during pregnancy, am going to prenatal classes are all ways of preventing

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