Evidence Base Practice

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Evidence base practice (EBP) is a proactive methodology to improving patient care. Nurses are now called upon to research, identify and analyze practice problems so that questions can be answered on how to deliver care. Therefore, the translation of research into practice require strategies such as protocol and guideline to disseminate EBP within an organization (Yoder-Wise, 2015). By researching barriers to breastfeeding in the neonatal intensive care (NICU), policy changes are noted to be indicated. The objective of this Dissemination Plan is to identify and organize the activities to be performed in order to promote breastfeeding in the NICU to the key stakeholder and the greater community. Strategy for disseminating the results to the …show more content…

It is crucial to the nursing profession to be able to contribute and communicate knowledge to nurses, policy makers, and interdisciplinary colleagues through the media, presentations, seminars and conferences (Hanrahan, Marlow, Aldrich, & Hiatt, 2010). Through these different dissemination strategies, barriers that prevent mothers from breastfeeding or providing breast milk to their premature infants can be discuss. Therefore, when policies and procedure are in place, stakeholders who are part of NICU newborns care are educated and trained on the initiative’s policies and procedures. NICU nurses, neonatologists, and neonatal nurse practitioners, NICU nutritionist, are the key stakeholders in this project. Strategies to disseminate an educational and training plan to stakeholders includes a 4 hour staff educational course conducted by a Lactation Consultant. Each staff member will have 2 week to complete the educational course which will take place twice a shift for 2 weeks to give all staff opportunity to attend. Also to keep staff abreast of information, tip sheet will be created and placed it in multiple areas such as the charge office, clerk desk, and physician station for staff review (Bernaix, Schmidt, Arrizola, Iovinelli, & Medina-Poelinez,

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