Improper Latching Research Paper

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This discussion dwells on a range of multiple issues pertaining to breastfeeding such as benefits to the mother and the baby, common challenges or problems and possible solutions as well as other relevant information.
Naturally since time immemorial breast milk from the mother has nourished, protected and helped raise babies. It is the only natural food designed for the baby5. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. In addition breastfeeding should begin within one hour of birth, be done as often as the baby needs and bottles or pacifiers should be avoided. At six months, solid foods such as mashed fruits and vegetables, should be introduced to complement breastfeeding for up to two years or more6. …show more content…

In this situation there is no need to discontinue breastfeeding but prevent progression to mastitis (inflammation of breasts).However in case of mastitis it’s important to continue breastfeeding to expedite recovery. Treat lesions with appropriate medication and applications such as white paraffin soft or purified lanolin to help the healing process and prevent scab formation. Other measures include air drying and applying own milk, and nipple shield …show more content…

The following facts stand out to correct such wrong perceptions, inter alia sagging breasts, abnormal sex life, and assertion that infant formula is similar to breast milk. Sagging of breasts is predominantly attributable to the ageing process and loss or gain of weight. Infant formula is not the same as breast milk since it lacks antibodies, living cells and enzymes or hormones that give protection against infections and diseases. Breast milk adapts to meet your baby's changing needs. However there are certain circumstances that may prevent one to not breastfeed such as a clinical case of HIV/AIDS infection and taking certain medications detrimental to the overall health of the baby. Normally to address the status quo bottle feeding with infant formula is recommended provided there is no alternative

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