Baby Cup Feeder Case Study

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Devi et al. (2012) discused two types of modified cups used to assist an infant with CP in the feeding process. The Baby Cup Feeder is a small, 40 ml polypropylene cup, with markings along the side for both ounces and milliliters (Devi et al., 2012). The Soft Feeder is another modified feeding device that is made up of a soft silicone reservoir, and is able to contain the fluid unlike regular cups (Devi et al., 2012). Ize-Iyamu and Saheeb (2011) observed a decrease in spill and regurgitation when babies were fed with a cup and spoon as they increased in age. Devi et al. (2012) defined the NUK cleft palate teat as a flat headed teat that is sometimes beneficial for the baby if other teats are not effective. Choi, Kleinheinz, Joos, and Komposch, …show more content…

The 16 infants were selected from the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery, University of Freiburg (Choi et al., 1991). Seven of the infants among the group had no craniofacial abnormalities, and were randomly recruited from a nearby pediatric clinic (Choi et al., 1991). The remaining five infants who received orthopedic treatment were also selected (Choi et al., 1991). The CL and CP cases ranged from infants having CP only, both CL and CP, unilateral cleft palate, bilateral CP lip, or a unilateral CL (Choi et al., 1991). The device Choi et al. (1991) used consisted of a pressure transducer, amplifier, and a writer. These three components worked together to measure intraoral negative pressure (Choi et al., 1991). Choi et al. (1991) connected the pressure transducer to a nipple by a polyethylene catheter and then punched two holes out of the tip of the nipple. These holes were used for the milk and catheter (Choi et al., 1991). The hole punched out for the catheter allowed the pressure transducer to be in direct communication with the oral cavity (Choi et al., 1991). The pressure transducer was connected to an amplifier which transmitted information to a writer (Choi et al., 1991). The infants received

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