Summary Of Expert Clinician To Novice Nurse Educator

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Expert Clinician to Novice Nurse Educator Any new role requires its participant to go through stages of competence. In nursing, Patricia Benner identified the stages of novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert (From novice to expert, 2016). It can take years before the clinical nurse becomes proficient or even an expert in his/her specialty area. When beginning a new position as nurse educator, the expert clinical nurse may have to restart as a novice. It takes a great deal of research and reflection to advance these stages in the nurse educator role. A book written by Sorrell and Cangelosi (2016) can assist many of these expert clinicians in their preparation to return to the novice stage when entering the world of nursing education. Chapters one through five of this book addresses the journey from clinician to educator and gives valuable insight into the transition.
Brief Summary Each chapter provides a great deal of insight into a transition from expert clinician to novice nurse educator. It would be a disservice to the authors of this book to ignore the importance of each chapter, but rather summarize the entire first section in one paragraph. Chapter one described the importance of fulfilling the high demand for nursing educators in the United States. The …show more content…

The first step to empowerment of students is role modelling caring behavior. This is going to be a goal of mine, to be an effective role model of caring in nursing practice and collaboration with students. I need to look for signs of stress in my students and care enough to intervene to prevent poor performance or dropout in students. Empowerment involves creating a welcoming atmosphere for sharing of both positive and negative feelings. I need to incorporate this into my role as nurse educator, to create an open-door policy during my office hours to assure students feel safe talking to me, empowered to take advantage of instructor’s

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