Professional Five-Year Career Pl A Personal Statement Of Purpose

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Professional Five-Year Career Plan
Haley Flute
School of Nursing, University of Tulsa
NSG 4232: Nursing Trends
Dr. Dotson and Dr. Zumwalt
March 27, 2023 Professional Five-Year Career Plan
The educational preparation of a bachelor’s prepared nurse does not stop after the degree is completed. According to the Institute of Medicine, nurses should be lifelong learners (Stucky & Wymer, 2020). Once graduated it is important for the graduate to determine what they would like their knowledge and skill to continue towards. This is where career planning comes into play.
Nurses who have career plans and career goals will see the future trends in health care as a challenge and an opportunity for growth in roles such as case manager, …show more content…

With this new license and scope of practice I hope to work as an intensive care nurse practitioner or a cardiology nurse practitioner. In this same time, I plan to be a part-time adjunct clinical professor for a nursing school in my area.
Service Goals Service and advocacy are a huge part of my motives of pursuing a career as a registered nurse. In order to fulfill my service goals, I plan to join various nursing associations and volunteer within my community. The first association I hope to join is American Nurses Association (ANA).
ANA allows for nurses to have access to continuing education, nursing resources, and up-to-date news (ANA, 2017). The second association I hope to join is American Association of Critical Care Nurses. This association is similar to the ANAs values; however, it has an emphasis of critical care nursing. The third and final nursing association I hope to join is the Oklahoma Nurses Association. Once again, these associations are all similar, however this association is specifically for nurses in Oklahoma. Each of these associations will allow me to stay current with issues facing nursing as a whole and within my specialty and state to assist in advocacy for the nursing profession. These associations will also play a vital role in the networking I facilitate and assist the completion of my educational …show more content…

The education that is taught is a foundation that is forever built upon. Nursing is the career of compassion that establishes a patient’s quality of care. This high standard of care is maintained by evolving health care with society. As technology becomes more involved in health care there will be new ways to perform skills. As we, as a society, become more knowledgeable and accepting of the various social dynamics and cultures it is important to consider those while in practice. “Opportunities in nursing are wide and open to those with the sensitivity and the creativity to embrace the future” (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2023, p. 179). Lifelong learning is important. It is important to maintain this style of learning in the nursing profession so that nurses are able to protect patients, ensure safety, meet high standards of care, and finally maintain our profession as a

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