Bachelor's degree Essays

  • The Importance Of Bachelor's Degree

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    My purpose of choosing this topic is because it is related to our university life and future. This essay will be able to tell other students that bachelor’s degree is certainly important and an investment that you won’t regret it. Quite a number of student do not understand the reason to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and with a lot of example that a degree may not earn more than a diploma or drop-out student, story of Jack Ma and Bill Gates will certainly affect a lot of students. To be like Jack Ma

  • College Entry Essay: Obtaining A Bachelor's Degree

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    journey towards working in those professions. For me, returning to college means preparing myself with essential knowledge and experience and laying out the foundation for a future career in a field that I know I will love. Obtaining my second bachelor’s degree in STEM will open up a myriad of new opportunities for me and allow me to explore a career that I am unwaveringly passionate about. When I was a child, I had an insatiable thirst for learning. My shelves were filled to the brim with books, both

  • I Pursue My Bachelor's Degree In Nursing

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    from the others. I have always wished to accomplish my Bachelor’s degree in nursing by the end of this year in December 2018. I have been working so much and concentrated all my attention, now since this is the final year of my studies at the university. The feeling of accomplishing my degree comforts me the most since I know that I will be working as a nurse helping people in the areas that I will get a job. Finishing of my nursing degree is an indication of moving to a different professional level

  • Essay: I Want To Pursue A Bachelor's Degree

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    It is this epigram that motivated me to dream big right from my childhood days. It has provided me a great inspiriting force and stairway to success in various spheres of my life. I have always been preoccupied with Science and it has been more of a phenomenon to me from my young days. And now, I would like to pursue M.S in Electrical Engineering. I believe in working hard and remain steadfast to achieve my aim irrespective of any hurdles that come in life. This strong faith in my abilities, zeal

  • Pursuing A Bachelor's Degree Essay

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    the average person to make the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree. In North America, most people graduate university in their early twenties. My path has been quite different from the norm; I am in my mid-thirties, married, a mom of a toddler, I have a full time office job and I am currently taking four 3 credit hour courses in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. I often look back and wonder why it has taken me so long to complete a bachelor’s degree. It is not because I am a lazy person or because

  • Personal Narrative: My Bachelor's Degree

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    Kenia Racquelle Bonner One of my biggest accomplishments in life was graduating college with my Bachelor’s Degree. Despite the fact that I 've experienced a terrible separation between my parents, it lead me to become a strong, yet competent individual. At the age of twelve, although I was too young to understand the term "independence" I took on the responsibility. Cooking for my younger siblings, and helping around the house while my mother worked endless hours to provide for our family. During

  • Bachelor's Degree In Healthcare Administration Career Essay

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    I have chosen to get my Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Kaplan University, because of the high demand in the healthcare profession. As a Healthcare Administrator, I am required to have strong communication skills and leadership ability. Being an administrator I must be able to make decisions and delegate authority, while managing all levels of medical and administrative personnel. Our job is to manage, direct and coordinate medical services in a variety of settings. It is our responsibility

  • Lookout Scholars Scholarship

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    Having the unique perspective of an immigrant, who has had to overcome numerous obstacles to become integrated into American society while maintaining my roots, has motivated me to make the most of my education. Thus, being surrounded by and working alongside like-minded, driven individuals with differing, yet relatable backgrounds excites me, and I know that I will have this opportunity as a member of the Lookout Scholars Program. To be in an environment with other first-generation college students

  • Personal Statement: Aerospace Engineering

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    Superman! That’s what I wanted to be and with iterative years in school I realised Aerospace engineering was the path leading to my childhood dream. Curiosity to learn more and zeal towards problem solving enabled me to achieve high grades in school. As I got admission in top aerospace university of my country, I was one step closer to my dream and had first realisation that nothing is impossible if you work hard. Now I was ready to face turbulence. Head on. During my years in university I actively

  • Essay On Why I Want To Go To College

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    As I prepare to enter college I want to make a difference in the world I live in. Whether this difference is helping people live a healthy life or doing research I want to be a person that can make a positive impact. This light inside me is the reason I plan to study health sciences so I can set a path for pre-med or some related career in health. Health sciences is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving with new discoveries to enrich the human experience. Science is my passion and being able

  • Final Fantasy Series Analysis

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    “A comparison of character design in Final fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII” This essay presents an analysis between the characters design of three different installments of Final Fantasy series. The reason I chose these games is because I have played them all. In addition, I am a big fan of this series. I will start by introducing each game and their characters, and I’ll be focusing on the information provided by the game for the characters and how players can use them in order

  • Slerodema Personal Goals

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    As I heard the distressful clearing of my mother’s throat, I could automatically sense something was wrong. She came right out and got to the point, “I have Scleroderma,” she said. “Scle-what?” you are probably wondering. In short, Scleroderma is a rare; yet devastating skin disease where the skin tissues severely thicken and tighten, leading to severe life-threatening obstacles. Day to day activities got considerably challenging for her. Drastic changes in her physical and mental health such as

  • Personal Narrative: How Deca Changed My Life

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    Ever since I was a kid I didn’t think that I was good at anything. My pastor said that everyone had a calling, a gift, something that nobody else can do better than that person. It was so hard watching people around me find their gift, like my sister. My little sister is good at about anything art related. She can draw, play the flute, and if she ever did theatre she would probably be good at that too. It was really discouraging watching her find her gifts at age twelve and I was fifteen and wasn’t

  • Lab Technician-Calcinations Role

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    a versatile set of skills that I know will contribute to the continuing success of BASF. These skills encompass both technical and collaborative roles critical in my career in chemistry thus far. As a graduate of John Carroll University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry, I was excited to see an opening for a lab technician role at BASF. My educational background contains most areas of chemsitry includding : general, organic , analytical , and physical. Through my education and real-world

  • Marine Biology Personal Statement

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    For me, passion is not just a powerful drive to do something; it is the excitement of doing an activity even on the worst day in the most trying of conditions both physically and mentally. This is why I find myself standing at a local creek, huge gusts of wind blowing freezing rain into my face, hands shaking under multiple pairs of gloves as I excitedly document a harbor seal that just caught a chum salmon and is tearing it apart at the surface while dodging hungry seagulls. I have always had

  • The Impact Of Florence Nightingale's Influence On Nursing

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    Florence Nightingale(1860)has shaped Nursing and this history shapes contemporary nursing today. This assignment shows how social media is a contemporary influence on nursing. This discussion will include the purpose and impact of the Health Practitioners Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA) and the Nursing Council of New Zealand Code of Conduct(2012) and how they have been implemented to underpin contemporary nursing practice today. (Crisp,Taylor,Douglas & Rebeiro 2013) have pointed out that the Crimean War

  • Why Do We Have To Learn A Foreign Language Essay

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    Das Erlernen einer Fremdsprache hat viele Vorteile. Kannst du das verstehen? As many high school students choose their classes, they often see a foreign language as a choice but few choose to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language has many advantages to everyday life, although some say a foreign language is not important and can be very difficult. A foreign language has many advantages such as boosting skills in a native language, analytical skills in the classroom, and career opportunities

  • Personal Statement: Personal Goals For Information Technology

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    important future of the day to day life as they have influenced the rapid changes in my country in the recent years, Information technology has brought practical solutions for the already existing problems in the country , I believe that this Master’s degree will help me attain my personal fulfillment and also be able to benefit the country at large, being able to help transfer different systems from manual to computerized . Information technology is a distinct science from information system management

  • Computer Science Purpose Statement

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    My purpose of applying to Masters in Computer Science at Arizona State University is to gain skills and knowledge to accelerate the innovative research and development happening in the field of computer science. Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamed of advancements in science and technology that would make humans a truly multi-planetary species in the near future. I have been keenly following the novel developments in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and strongly

  • Fraser Foods Case Study

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    Terms of Reference I am a HNC business student. I am writing this report as part of my course. This assessment covers outcome 4 of the Managing People and Organizations' class. Unit F84T 34 Procedure In order to construct this report, I read the case study and highlighted information that I thought was relevant to this report. I answered the questions I was given ensuring that I added all of the necessary information. Findings Current Structure The current organizational structure for Fraser