Nursing Personal Statement

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My Childhood days was a mixture of bitter emotions and worth challenging, as my father neglected two- kids including me, sister and my mother at a very young age, my mother was a nurse, but my father never allowed her to work, but soon after he left us, my mother forced to resume her job once again, as there was no other way rather to work for the upbringing of two kids. My grandmother (mother’s mother) was a great support to us as she stood as the pillar of care to my mother. She worked as a local vegetable seller and struggled hard to save her daughter and two kids, it was her boldness and god fearing attitude which inspired my mother to rejuvenate the lost life. I felt each and every pain experienced by my mother’s to continue my education, soon after secondary education, it’s time for me to select suitable professional career, that is the time when nursing was at its boom and finally I decided to pursue nursing as a career, it was a dream come true and there was a long tunnel in my life with only aim to care my family.

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