Nursing Assistant Personal Statement

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Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to make a difference and help anyone in need that I possibly could. From the start of my childhood, I can recall helping my mother care for my great grandparents, so they would be able to live out the rest of their lives from their home, instead of in a nursing home. As a young child it was extremely difficult to live with and watch my loved ones deteriorate as they got older, as their condition got worse and worse, and saw my mother having a difficult time keeping up with caring for both of my great grandparents 24/7, it put a lot of stress on the family. However, I am grateful to have been able to help my mother care for them. Growing up in such a caring and loving household made the situation …show more content…

Through the third-riding time I have accumulated, I have seen a few gruesome encounters such as motor vehicle accidents as well as many different traumas. I have been lucky to be able to go through the health occupations curriculum at my high school and attain my Certified Nursing Assistant certification as well as my healthcare provider, CPR/AED and First Aid certifications. I also received clinical experience through Lawrence General Hospital in the Emergency Center, during my time there my love for medicine grew tremendously and fed my ambition not only for high school, but for college and my future as well. I find comfort in helping anyone and creating a better situation for them if someone is going through a hard time, as I did when I was younger with my great grandparents. Knowing how much a medical hardship can affect someone makes me want to help that much more. Even though I could not cure my grandparents old age and illnesses, I did help them and made sure they knew they could count on me to make them feel just a little bit

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