Personal Statement: A Career As A Registered Nurse

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Profile Essay While working several shifts in an Alzheimer's unit in a local care facility, I had the opportunity to meet a registered nurse named Sarah. Sarah had plenty of insight on what it is like being a nurse in a facility. During my observations of her duties I witnessed many things that opened my eyes as to what I want in my future career choices. Starting our first shift together, I took notice of her confidence and humbleness. Most of the nurses I have encountered seem to be too preoccupied to engage with residents, let alone nursing aides. Sarah was friendly and engaging to everyone. Her schedule is to pass medications, check vitals, body assessments, medical charting and much more. She has the difficult task of locating …show more content…

Sarah had mentioned that a typically 12 hours work shift always turns into at least 14 hours or more to complete all necessary task. The level of nursing that I am currently at as a Certified Nursing aide is a physically demanding job. I personally do not wish to make a career out of it, only use is as a learning tool and stepping stone for my next level of education. My intent was to become a registered nurse someday, although now I am making other considerations. The personal care that I am able to give to a resident is rewarding. Knowing you have helped someone is a grand thing. As a registered nurse it appears that most of the time is spent charting medical records, dealing with way too many headaches, and passing medication. Sarah has worked in other medical settings prior to coming to a care facility and stated that so much burden and liability is placed on nurses especially in hospitals. Sarah’s positive attitude kept me inspired throughout my observations to continue my education in the medical field, although, I am now strongly considering different career

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