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APA Annotated Bibliography Andrus, L. H. & Fenley, M. D. (1976). Evolution of a family nurse practitioner program to improve primary care distribution, Journal of Medical Education, 51, 4, 317-324. (E) This article examines the role of the Family Nurse Practitioner in the delivery of primary care in California. Bullough, B. (1974). Is the nurse practitioner role a source of increased work satisfaction? Nursing Research, 23, 1, 14-19. (E) This article presents the questionnaire and outcomes used to determine the satisfaction of nurse practitioners, the autonomy of the role and creativity in the new role. Draye, M. A. & Stetson, L. A. (1975). Nurse practitioner as an economic reality, Nurse Practitioner, 1, 2, 60-63. (I) This …show more content…

Outcomes demonstrated that patient access to care improved and there was high quality of care provided. Edmunds, M. (1978). Evaluation of nurse practitioner effectiveness: An overview of the literature. Evaluation and the Health Professions. 1, 69-82 (E, A, I P/A) This article provides an overview of published literature that focuses on the effectiveness of the NP. Ford, L. (1975). An interview with Dr. Loretta Ford, The Nurse Practitioner: A Journal of Primary Care Nursing, 1, 1, p 9. (A) This article presents the views on the role of the nurse practitioner, the beginnings of the program at the University of Colorado and the social forces bringing about the new role. Linn, L. (1976). Patient acceptance of the family nurse practitioner. Medical Care, 14, 357-364. (P/A) This article compares patient satisfaction with the care received from nurse practitioners as opposed to the care received by traditional providers. Merenstien, J. H., Wolfe, H. & Barker, K. M. (1974). The use of nurse practitioners in a general practice, Medical Care, 12, 5, 445-452. (I) This article reports on the finding of the usefulness and acceptance of nurse practitioners in a private practice in a middle class

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