Nurse Reflective Report

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During that day I worked on morning shift.I worked with another 3 staffnurses and 1 attachment staff. Usually on a busy day,we will have 6 bedded occupied with 6 ventilated patient with 4 staffnurses onduty.Only that particular day, there are 5 staffnurses onduty with only 2 ventilated patient and 1 concious patient and ambulating well to the toilet, not on oxygen support.Mdm Y, 32 years old lady is a post tracheastomy weaning off patient for close monitoring.She have been walking on her own for almost a week and she is responding positively to treatment.
That day,I was the in-charge nurse.Since there is only 3 patients,i am not allocated to in charge any of the patient.The attachment staff we call Sn.N are given a responsibility to take care of the patient,since the patient alert and orientated and we think it should be ok if the attachment staff are given a patient which is not critically ill.Other than that,I am also accountable to
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The incident was extremely challenging for me and all the staff involved.The positive impact of this incident was,it helps me to refocus on my nursing practice by studying hard about fall prevention.As a nurse, I must be able to assess the risk of fall to patient.Nurses make a major contribution to patient safety by assessing fall risk (Potter, Barr,Mcsweeney, & Sledge 2003). The negative impact of this incident was that i blamed myself for things happened and lead me lack of self confident in delivering my nursing care.
The positive aspect was that, after the incident we have all the team helping to check on mdm y and I also manage to submit the report of the incident in time.for me nobody wish to see the incident happened,and yet it is preventable.I am also pleased that the doctor and sister oncall responded so positively to the incident,never blame any of us,instead advised us to be more alert next time and not to worry too much on thing that already happen, all of us learn a lesson from this

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