Patients Shooting Research Paper

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Name That Liability The name of the responsibility is negligence due to falls of patients in intensive care unit. The liability may occur due to the medical staff that forget to put the brakes on the beds, put in a low position, the call light within reach and personnel items easily reach to every patient. These falls can bring a lot of injuries to patients and fractures (loss of continuity of bone tissue. It ranges from a small crack to total bone fracture displacement of the two ends of the bone fracture), trauma to the skull and face (injuries to the skull and face are especially important, since the intensity of the shock can affect the central nervous system (CNS), located within the cranial cavity), trauma to the extremities (as a result …show more content…

Falls of critically ill patients admitted to the ICU routine should be avoided developing certain strategies used outside this area, such as prevention of displacement, promote stability, elimination of sliding hazards routinely ensure that the patient is oriented to the environment and the bell is at the fingertips, keeping the beds in the lowest position and braking, providing adequate lighting, and provide anti-slip footwear and technical assistance in lifting patients bed. The response time of the call prolonged ringing patient or family is just one of the potential causes of falls, firstly because if the response time is greater serve their needs later, and partly because no response to the patient may start feeling agitated. Shift schedules nurses can be particularly effective in preventing falls, as they allow the staff to anticipate and address the needs of each patient. The tubing, drains and cables must be securely to prevent tripping when lifting or embody patients. Although falls can happen without warning, subsequent falls can be avoided if the etiology of them is

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