Essay On Fall Prevention

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People always say falling is part of growing up, as they say. Unfortunately, when we reach the age of 65 and above, falling may lead to injuries such as factures and head injury, which could affect and disrupt our normal activity and lifestyle. Why fall prevention is so important in hospital? As we grow older, our body system may change or deteriorate, it would follow our age then our bones, muscles and so on will “grow older” as well. For example, we have a reduced sense of balancing ourselves, our response or reaction is slower, and on only that our muscles will grow weaken and our vision can be worsens also. Falls are leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injury (WHO, 2007). Some of the medical condition also can affect vision, muscles strength and flexes to cause fall as well. For example, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, cataracts, glaucoma and others. As a nurse, how we can managing to prevent patients falling down? The most important thing when patients admitted to hospital is to assess patients experience any fall before, we can using SPLATT. Symptoms experienced at time of fall(s). Previous number of fall or near falls. Location of fall(s). Activity engaged in at time of fall(s). Time (hour of day) of fall(s). Trauma (physical, …show more content…

For example, we can ask the patients to sit down on the chair for few minutes and after that ask they to stand up slowly for 30 seconds like that without any loss of balance or support from the chair to maintain balance but nurse must stand near to the patient to prevent the patient have any sudden of dizziness and fall down. The nurse also can do some very simple exercise like bring the patient to toilet or walk few rounds around the ward there, this exercise nurse also need to with the patient, never ever let the patient do it alone because patient might feel dizziness. Simple exercise can help the elderly patients to gait and balance their muscular

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