Virginia Tech Shooting Research Paper

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UNT’s opportunity to revolutionize school safety Proactive Defense a Proactive Response to Gun Violence at Universities One Murder at UNT is Too Much to Risk UNT Cannot Afford a Massacre: Proactive Deterrence is Essential Proactive Defense: deterring violence at UNT before it begins Preventing Fatalities and Injuries at UNT with Proactive and Reactive Strategies 2. School campus is a place for young minds to learn and grow in pursuit of a post-graduated life. Nothing is more exciting than the days leading up to graduation; to think, “I made it”. Years of pursuing passion and failing miserably, countless hours spent in a quiet library and thousands of dollars spent on coffee. All this hard work leads here to graduation, and they have earned it. These individuals put off desire and even life goals to achieve a brighter tomorrow, even if that means spending a Friday night at Willis Library or neglecting hobbies. They exert extreme care into their future with the assumption tomorrow has greater potential than today. “You can play now or play later” a phrase many undergrads are reminded constantly. Unfortunately, a growing concern inhabits the minds of college students, parents, and faculty after the Virginia Tech shooting. On April 16th, 2007 a senior at Virginia Tech fatally shot 32 people and 23 others wounded once the dust settled …show more content…

Often times a lone assailant carries out these attacks as opposed to other countries where terror groups often orchestrate these attacks to send a message to the world. It appears the shootings we are concerned with center around the attackers proving something to the victims themselves, rather than to the world. For example, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold targeted the “white hats” or jocks of the school, although it was apparent they had hatred for virtually all students due the pair’s indiscriminant

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