Collaborative Working, Reflection, Cultural Awareness And Ethical Practice

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I tried to justify my interprofessional capability level by using the self-assessment tool of Interprofessional capability, including four domains: Collaborative Working, Reflection, Cultural Awareness & Ethical Practice and Organisational Competence. I have scored myself high on organisational competence. But I achieved lower scores on the other aspects due to lack of practice experiences. Related to my previous nursing practice as an adult student nurse in the hospital I have enhanced my interprofessional capability through practice combined with the theory of interprofessional studies. Now I explore more on collaborative working, reflection and cultural awareness and ethical practice throughout my previous relevant experience of nursing …show more content…

I worked with other staff members of the nursing group, physio and occupational health team. We got along with each other well. In second and third component, I gave myself high score because I gathered patients’ information from patients and their families and did the nursing assessment for them. Also, I participated in the board meeting to exchange information with other members from physio team and the occupational health team under supervision. Also, I shared the patients’ information regarding patient’s assessments with the doctors in the multi-disciplinary meeting. In addition, I attended the best interesting meeting twice and exchange information with the social worker and patients’ family regarding patients’ recent situation relating to care with my mentor, I even went out with the member of the occupational health team to do follow-up visiting to the patients. However I haven’t had any experience to integrate action plan, also I haven’t taken part in the collect decision and make progress these aspects relate to the first component and the fourth component, and I didn’t attend formal and informal reflection in order to future professional development that will support organisational service development. Then in the future nursing practice I will formulate a plan of activities and behaviours what will support the continual professional development and indicate how this aids personal, …show more content…

When I do placement I was aware some patients come from different countries with different background and ethical practice. Following NMC code (2015) we need to treat every patient with dignity and respect, respect patients’ cultures, values, and belief systems. As all students, we need to apply this theory of nursing into nursing practice. But I didn’t have relevant experience to make the decision. Then how to ensure everyone receive the equal medical and nursing service without non-judgemental and anti-discriminatory practice that I am aware and want to explore in the future practice. Follow the Guide to the Code of Ethics (Fowler, 2008), individual nurses, and other healthcare providers must deal with ethics issues with four primary principles: autonomy, beneficence, justice and veracity (Chally& Loriz, 1998). Also Fower (2008) further noted the nurses are responsible for articulating nursing values, for maintaining the integrity of the profession and its practice, and for shaping social policy. In my previous placement, I have experienced to look after patients with mental health issues and child protection. Furthermore, some female patients choose to be looked after by female carer. Now I need to enhance learning on the aspects of Cultural Awareness, Ethical Practice, and Social Policy. Then in the future I can better apply this knowledge into my future

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