Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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I feel that the one provision in the Code of ethics that sticks out to me is provision 2. This is “The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, community, or population” (Lachman, O’Connor & Winland-Brown, 2015, p.21). The first part of this provision is the primacy of the patient’s interest. This means that the patient’s primary commitment is to the health care client. One of the best examples of this is nurses being patient advocates. That is one of the biggest things nurses strive on. Nurses do everything they can to make sure their patients are getting the best care they can. Nurses also advocate for patients is there are unnecessary procedures that are ordered. An example of this is I had dealt with a patient over the summer who had brain cancer that exacerbated. The doctor wanted to do radiation to help decrease the swelling on the brain. Radiation was done for three days, but the patient was still getting worse. The family wanted to stop all treatment. The Nurses advocated for the doctor to stop all treatment. This is an example of the nurse putting the patient and family needs first. …show more content…

This is when conflict of interest arise in the workplace. This may be between two professional workers or between a worker and a client. One example of this is when there is bonuses that relate to evaluations. I feel that this pins nurses against each other. I feel that this causes nurses to work against each other to be the best. This causes conflicts between nurses especially if someone’s bonus isn’t very good. As a nurse, we should put these differences aside and do everything we can to help the patient. The patient should always be the number one priority. So when coming into the work place we need to forget about everything else that is going on, and just focus on the

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