Why Nursing Is Important In Healthcare Rhetorical Analysis

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Why the Role of Nurses Is Important in Healthcare Ryan Kumar English Department: Glendale Community College ENG102: First-Year Composition Feb 1, 2023 Rhetorical Analysis of “Why the Role of Nurses is Important in Healthcare” The Mercer University article titled, “Why the Role of Nurses is Important in Healthcare”, discusses how nurses are the foundation of the healthcare system. The author uses numerous rhetorical strategies to portray why nurses should be treated with respect and valued for their work. Mercer University uses pathos by emotionally describing how, “nurses are delivered a high standard of care to the general public” (Why the Role of Nurses is Important in Healthcare 2021 pg. 2). …show more content…

3). This exhibits how nurses have more personal time with their patients, than a lot of other different position workers. Many patients need well-provided care by people and that is why nurses take a large role in that. Coming from the fact that Mercer University is a well known institution, ethos is established by the individuals in the universities, giving facts and statistics based upon why nurses are an important role in the healthcare industry. The research provided by Mercer University clarifies the reason why the healthcare industry needs nurses. Without nurses, there would be no well-provided patient care, but without the push to give nurses the appreciation for their undervalued work, they wouldn’t be able to take care of their sick patients. Ultimately, this website carries a powerful argument in the vital roles nurses take on. Mercer University uses mostly a lot of statistics to make an enthralling case on the why the role of nurses is important. The website itself serves as a very reliable resource to any individual looking forward to learning more about the nurse role in the medical field, and to show people in general that numerous nurses are dramatically

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