Midwifery Communication Scenarios

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Through our understanding of the current scenario, the preferred scenario, documented above, lies out of reach, necessitating the alteration of the preferred scenario to reflect the current scenario. To this effect, the preferred scenario is for the student midwife to be fully aware of the policies and procedures of their local trust. It is also important for them to have available all of the necessary information required by the client and for the student midwife to be able to communicate this effectively.
Communication is important within the midwifery profession. It is required through every aspect of a woman’s care including, but not limited to; gaining informed constant (NMC, 2015); and building a rapport with clients and their families.
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Firstly, sitting at a comfortable distance away from the client, with an open posture. Open posture allows the client to feel welcome and at ease with the health care provider as there is no barrier between them. By following this, Kate would be able to discuss her smoking status, with the student midwife, and the interaction which followed would provide a channel for the midwife to incorporate the SIDS advice, as well as the smoke free initiative (Star, n.d.a). Leaning forwards will be…show more content…
It should be noted that the trust’s name, alike the client’s, will be changed to comply with confidentiality (NMC, 2015). The local trust, Star, (Star, n.d.a) suggests that smoking throughout pregnancy puts both mother and fetus at an increased risk of pregnancy related conditions. For example; pre-eclampsia, developed from a rise in the blood pressure; as well as respiratory issues as a direct result of the gravid uterus reducing the capacity of the mother’s lungs, which those of a smoker may not be able to compensate for as effectively as those of a non-smoker. Star provide all patients, or clients, who express a desire to cease smoking or those wanting a greater understanding of smoking, with a referral to a specialised health care professional, whose aim is to help their clients cease their smoking habits. Partners of the smoking women are also invited if they are also smokers as star trust (n.d.a) suggests that pregnant women are more likely to stop smoking if their partners do too. The trust provides a free programme to encourage individuals to stop smoking (Star, n.d.b). This information is available to the public via a webpage however individuals can also self-refer if they require further assistance with stopping smoking. The programme is individualised and
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