Homelessness Research Assignment

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Research Assignment for SCWK 201
The first article that I chose to discuss for the assignment was the “Effectiveness of Housing Interventions and Housing and Service Interventions on Ending Family Homelessness: A Systematic Review” article by Ellen Bassuk, Carmela DeCandia, Alexander Tsertsvadze, and Molly Richard. Bassuk, DeCandia, Tsertsvadze, and Richard start off the article by discussing how there has been a significant increase in the amount of homeless individuals in the last 30 years. They then discuss how there has been very few individuals who have actually done systematic reviews to determine whether or not current housing, housing interventions, and service interventions are effective ways of decreasing homelessness. The next thing …show more content…

Fotheringham, Walsh, and Burrowes start out the article by stating that they believe that there has been a serious lack of research done on why females become homeless and their experiences with housing services once they become homeless. The next thing that they discuss in the article is how they teamed up with different facilities so that they could discover why so many women become homeless and how they are effected by housing. After they discussed how they teamed up with different places they talked about the research that they …show more content…

Guo, Slesnick, and Feng begin their article by discussing how even though the amount of homeless families is decreasing; there is still a high demand for shelters, especially for homeless single mothers. They then go into discussing how homeless mothers often struggle with some type of substance abuse, mental disorders, physical illnesses, or domestic violence. The next thing that Guo, Slesnick, and Feng talk about in their article is the Housing First Approach and how it has helped some homeless individuals. They then discuss is how the Housing First Approach has helped individuals that are homeless and suffering with a mental disorder or an addiction, but the tactic has never been tested on mothers that are homeless. The next thing that Guo, Slesnick, and Feng discuss in the article is a study that they

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