Homeless Home Case Study

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For a few weeks, Deborah and the children had been living at a homeless camp behind the SAMS Club in Gulf Port, MS. Deborah left her friend 's (Shaylynn) home to be with a man, and to live in the woods. Shaylynn would not allow Deborah 's boyfriend come to the house because all he does is get drunk and act stupid. Since 4-3-16, Deborah and the children have been staying at the hotel. The reporter thinks Deborah is paying for the hotel with Hayley 's disability check. Hayley has PTSD, ADHD and Bipolar. When the reporter saw Tyler on 4-3-16, he stated he was very hungry, and the reporter gave him some food. Deborah does not take care of the children. The people that she stays with take care of the children, and the reporter is not sure that is

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