Transcendentalism In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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As much as some of us may fail to realize it, fahrenheit 451 relates to current and future times and ideas more than it should. The science fiction of fahrenheit 451 becomes less and less of a fiction every day. The blood, war, and revolution also strike as too close for comfort. The author, Ray Bradberry, also took the time to show some of his transcendentalist views throughout the end of the book.
In fahrenheit we see examples of science fiction such as the “family” that talks back from inside the screen in nearly every ones houses. Along with wall-e, where everyone has their own computer right in front of their face to talk to. When looking at that compared to current technological advancements, It’s easy to tell we’re not far from getting to that point. Currently we have our own pocket computers, along with huge flat televisions, which both have the ability to start talking to its holder. The mechanical dog from fahrenheit, and the lions from the veldt also show a resemblance to first class technology, such as the mechanical limbs used to assist living. As far as we know, we could unknowingly be moving ourselves to technology that can start to think for itself. such as the co-captain from wall-e. …show more content…

In wall-e, Fahrenheit 451, and current times we can see examples of this. Currently there are 10 active wars along with 8 other active military conflicts in the world today, all with the help of mechanical and technical advancements in warfare. We have been lucky enough to not have to witness this. However in fahrenheit 451, the citizens of the town were not so lucky, all of whom were killed in the atomic bomb that was let off; a change in an instant. In wall-e, the inhabitants of earth had to completely evacuate the planet; probably the largest current idea of

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