What Is Beauty In Frankenstein

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Beauty There are times that beauty is more than skin deep. People who have beauty or others may call beautiful/handsome may or may not do beautiful things. What is meant by “doing beautiful things” is, most famous people are called beautiful. Do those that are being called beautiful have it on the inside? In the novel Frankenstein the creature realizing that he could never have someone beautiful like Justine Moritz. He chooses to frame her for a crime she did not commit. The character of Justine Moritz has both inner and outer beauty she shows self esteem, beauty and a friendly personality and she pays for that with her life. In today’s society one of the most difficult objects of a beautiful woman can face is social rejection. May or may not be true but some women see beauty as a threat to steal their man away from them. They can not trust their man/women to be around such beauty because they think one has more beauty than them, so that is what makes them feel threatened. Some believe people who have beauty get it all so easily, especially if it shines when they are young. They tend to end up evil or selfish and “do not need to learn anything” because they get …show more content…

When one first meet her, one has to admit, first thing they notice is her looks. Right? “wow she have it all” or maybe the opposite. Beauty for women may be easier for them, like getting out of an officer giving them a ticket or walking into a restaurant without a reservation. Beautiful women could get more smiles, more handsome men, and better treatment sometimes. One is not saying this happens for everyone. German model, Heidi Klum quoted, “I think it's important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state - meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you

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