Theme Of Nature In Frankenstein

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The definition of a human is this, of or characteristic of people 's better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity, relating to or characteristic of people or human beings. My belief is that Frankenstein 's creation is, in fact, human. He possesses feelings of kindness and sensitivity and has many characteristics of what people believe a human should. If you disagree, then you would have to understand and decide what makes something human, what is considered a being. Living; being alive: existence. These are all definitions of a being. The creature is all these things and more. He possesses feelings and develops as "humans" do. He only looks different and people assume he 's not human. Many people look different, to where people call them inhuman. This doesn 't make them any less of a human than you, so why should this apply to Frankenstein 's Creation?

Emotions are what most people depend on, it can make or break a decision. Frankenstein ' creation shares this trait, though sometimes his actions may be unacceptable he still feels and shares emotions as another human would. Anger, not the best emotion but still, is one. Throughout the whole story the Creature is angry at Victor. He had abandoned and abhorred him, when it was his doing in creating him in the first place. “This death will carry despair to him, and a thousand other miseries shall destroy him” (Chapter 6, page 113). He was
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People have been told they weren 't human for countless reason. Frankenstein 's creature was perceived as inhuman in Victor 's eyes. Not once did he never give him a chance or, look at him in a new light. Through the whole story anyone who could see Frankenstein 's creation considered him inhuman. They attack him and called him wretched names. People looked at him because he had a deformity, which made them see him as inhuman. Just because you have a deformity doesn’t make him inhuman. He is probably more human than most of those people who treated
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