Compassion In The Book Thief

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Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Brutality is savage physical violence; great cruelty.
The human race can be beautiful a brutal since it balances the complex character which humans are, we see this in The Book Thief with the characters and how war makes them react.

Compassion is beautiful since the caring nature which human can bring comfort for those who are sad and conflicted. When Liesel is sitting on the bathroom floor with Hans and she sees the compassion flowing through Hans Hubermann, in the quote “They were made of kindness and silver. Like soft silver melting. Liesel upon seeing those eyes understood the Hans Hubermann was worth a lot”. …show more content…

When Rudy had to write letters to a friend, Rudy made a letter to Liesel, with a joking manner. “Dear Saumensch, Are you still as useless at football as you were the last time we played? I hope so. That means I can run past you again just like Jesse Owens at the Olympics”. The Humor of making fun of each other with derogatory language is demonstrating that they are best friends having fun and being kids.Later on when Liesel ran to Max as he was in line walking to the concentration camp with Liesel trying to get him away, “You have to let go of me, Liesel.’ He even tried to push her away but the girl was too strong.” This shows the friendship between Liesel and Max and how Liesel is afraid of losing him to the concentration camp and it uses emotive language to shows the friendship and love between them. After Viktor throws the book in the river, Rudy goes after the book to retrieve it.“How about a kiss Saumensch?” Rudy asks Liesel once again after he has retrieved the book….He’d have been glad to witness her kissing his dusty bomb-hit lips.” The friendship is displayed in the quote with foreshadowing of the loss of Rudy in the future but since they are best friends she losing him made her heartbreak. Even when having friends losing them is part of life and it is what makes up human and Liesel found that out for

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