Argumentative Essay On The Book Thief

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Forty million people a day view Instagram stories, 79% of teenagers use Snapchat once a day, and 51% use it at least eleven times a day. In fact, teenagers use on average five screens a day (Patel, “10 Tips”). The use of social media makes teenagers happier and cures their boredom after school. However, problems arise when young people find all their satisfaction on social media. All this time spent on social media and whether you get enough “likes” could result in a bad outcome and cause poor health. Some teenagers know social media leads to loss of sleep, more anxiety issues, and even failing to communicate with the outside world (Schupak, “Does Technology”). The Book Thief by Markus Zusak has a similar theme. Set in World War II, Liesel, the main character gets taken from her mother to live with the Hubermanns on Himmel Street and her brother perishes along the way. She grows close to her new papa Hans, mama Rosa, as well as Rudy, a boy who influences her tremendously. Her family welcomes a Jewish man named Max, into hiding in their basement. Max and Liesel gain a very strong friendship until he must leave for the family’s safety. In the end, the Allied Powers bomb the city, leaving Liesel as the lone survivor, leaving Liesel to face an extremely difficult time. In the end, the narrator, Death, reunites her with Max. Liesel lives a wonderful life and passes peacefully. In the novel, The Book Thief, Zusak proves the satisfaction found in corruption and harmful choices

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