The Book Thief

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The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak, is about Liesel Meminger, a young girl from Germany who faces the inevitable pains of growing up in a time of war, Holocaust and Nazism. The story is told in the first-person point. It is a view of Death as he narrates. “The Book Thief” has a great deal of tragedy in it but it also is a celebration of life. In fact, it’s full of opposites. No point in seeking explanations. Like where Death says; ‘you think you’re the only one God never answers?’ Liesel is significantly changing in the story because of friendship, deaths, and words. I would like to tell you about the talents of Liesel and Hans, the stepfather of Liesel. Liesel has many talents. She can read books as the best. When she arrived by Rosa and Hans Hübermann she didn’t even know a letter. Hans taught her gently to read. He spent a lot of time with her to understand the alphabet. When she knew everything, they started with reading. Soon was clear that she had a …show more content…

He also got many talents too. When he and Rosa Hübermann adopted the nine year old girl Liesel Meminger, Liesel didn’t even know what a book is. But since then, Hans helped her, all days and all nights when Liesel had a nightmare. Important quality of Hans is his amiability. He is one of the best ‘amigo’ you can wish. Hans also can play accordion. Everyone who listen to him playing accordion was joyful. Liesel also loved him playing accordion. When she hadn’t a great day at all he made her happy with his accordion. Liesel wants to play accordion too. But “an unknown intuition told her that she would never be able to play it like her Hans Hübermann. Surely, not even the world’s greatest accordionists could compare.” Hans also was a great painter. Much people of the village Molching needed a new painted basement and Hans was the best. So he went on the road with Liesel to paint and earn some money. Talents from Liesel and Hans helped them to survive during the

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