Hans Hubermann Symbolism In The Book Thief

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In the book thief, Hans Hubermann was a father figure to Liesel. Unfortunately, Hans and Rosa had both died together in the chapter of the book. In my eyes of the book, Hans was a symbol of a hero in the book thief and in Liesel's life in general. Hans Huberman was one of Liesel's mentors in the book thief, also helping her in many ways, including her survival.
When Liesel first arrived at Himmel street, Hans Hubermann had comforted Liesel about her brother's death (The first day she arrived.). This was one of the moments, we saw Hans Hubermann's personality and compassion towards Liesel. Hans accordion, also was a symbol of protection and safety towards Liesel. This accordion was very special to Liesel due to the fact that Hans played it to Liesel every night. She had a nightmare about her brother. Hans had also played accordion to Max, when …show more content…

Although Hans Hubermann did not read to the people, he did teach Liesel to read books. In fact, Liesel helped other people to calm down like Hans accordion was a symbol of protection, similar to Liesel reading books to other people. At the end of the book thief, Liesel “decided” (The mayor's wife, technically suggested writing a book of her own, but Hans is more important in the book.) to write a book about her life and her introduction to coming to Himmel street. She was in the basement at the time, trying to edit her mistakes about the book. At this time, bomb signals had come off. By writing and reading books, this was the main reason that she had survived (Writing in the basement). Hans Hubermann had taught Liesel to read, write and learn more vocabulary. Although the mayor's wife did give Liesel the paper to write with, Hans Hubermann taught Liesel to write and read. Although he was not a “Hero” at the end, he did technically save Liesel's life by teaching Liesel to read and

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