Max's Character In The Book By Elie Wiesel

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Most accounts state that Liesel is the most kind and loving character in the novel, but I disagree with that because I say Max is the kindness and loving character in the novel. He is a character who sacrifices his own basic human needs to protect The Huberman and Liesel from getting in trouble by The Nazi. Max would write books to Liesel to help her learn how to read more and describe the world better. He also did this to show the strength and courage she has given him. He left Himmel Street to protect Liesel and The Huberman from getting arrested for keeping him in their basement. His love and kindness has brought The Huberman and Liesel together in these anxious times. The way he cares for them have touch people's hearts in a way no other …show more content…

He talked about how her words and tears had saved him and gave him the strength to fight. Max writes “liesel- I almost scribbled this story out. I thought you might be too old for such a tale, but maybe no one is. I thought of you and your books and words, and this strange story came into my head. I hope you can find some good in it.” (444). These stories that he wrote for her gave her courage and confidence to carry on with reading and writing in these tough times, He would make her describe stuff as “if your eyes can talk” to help more with writing. The way he really cared for Liesel showed how much kindness and love he had. Near the end of the book it says “Max walked up Himmel Street with a suitcase full of clothes and warm food”(397), For he has left Himmel Street after Hans had given a jew a piece of bread and has led him to get in trouble by the soldier. Which he could just stay in the basement and hoped for the best, but he chose to put his life at risk so that The Huberman would be safe from getting killed or sent to a camp. Finally, Max had given up basic human needs like food, warmth, and a bed to protect The Huberman's from getting arrested and even killed by The Nazi. Which although isn’t a lot, it still shows how he is kind enough to give up these basic human things which most of us wouldn’t do. The modest things he did like giving advice to Liesel about life and boys and

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