Hubermann In The Book Thief

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Atrributs of Hans Hubermann In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Hans Hubermann is presented a wonderful father to Liesel Meminger and a satisfactory husband to Rosa Hubermann. To start off, Hans is a loving and selfless father to young Liesel. In the first weeks of Liesel arriving “ He came in every night and sat with her [whispering] [s]hhhh, I’m here , It’s all right”(Markus Zusak 64) after her nightmare as he held her. This shows the audience that Hans loved her and would always get up to comfort her so that she felt at home and safe, as he earned Liesel’s trust that because she knew he would always be there for her. Also Hans demonstrates his selflessness as he explains “ I am not such a good reader myself” (65), but still continues
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