Discussion Questions For The Book Thief

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1. In “The Book Thief”, Markus Zusak uses Death to present in Liesel’s point of view but also provide information outside the town that is unknown to Liesel. He is an alien in this chaotic world, but contains feelings that are almost human-like. Each time he collects a dead body, he begins to realize the importance of human existence through the different feelings and emotions of each victim. Whenever he collects a body, there are “a billion or so flavors, none of them quite the same, and a sky to slowly suck on” (Zusak 4) presenting that each human is different and affects Death in a positive way. Throughout the story, he becomes interested in the most courageous humans and shares their stories in the book. Eventually he finds the most interest …show more content…

Throughout the story, Liesel simultaneously has an eagerness to steal a book for an ironic reason. She often steals these books for her adoration of words but also contains hatred in the use of these words. Her hatred is resulted from the hate toward Hitler and the many terrible things that occurred in her life because of his beliefs such as the abandonment of her mother when she asks Hans if “the Fuhrer took her away” (Zusak 115). She often stole from Frau Hermann’s library to gain experience in her knowledge of words, but eventually she realizes her love and hatred of words when she explains that “I love this place and hate it, because it is so full of words” (Zusak 522).Her obsession of stealing books is also her happiness of Rudy’s company and to satisfy her need for vengeance when it says that “they had to steal something back” (Zusak 284). It is ironic that she always acted as if she had never had an attraction for Rudy and tries not to show it, but in her heart she really did have a gigantic attraction for Rudy. In the story, Zusak also inputs the irony of Rosa, presenting her as a despiteful and scornful woman with an enormous loving heart. Death states that “I discovered that she called everyone that. Saukerl. Saumensch. Especially the people she loved” (Zusak 532). Throughout the book, Zusak provides the literary device of irony in many parts of the book. Word

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