The Infiltration Of Words In The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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The Infiltration of Words

In “The Book Thief” the use of words can be seen in both a negative and positive context. From the harsh words used by Hitler and the Nazis, to Liesel who communicates love and strength. The author demonstrates that words hold the ability to convey powerful messages. Writer Robin Sharma once said, “Words can inspire, and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” Words, they may seem small and not impactful, but when carefully crafted they hold the ability to change everything. It is important that people realize the impact and potential they hold in order to think before they speak. In “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, Liesel’s use of words is often communicated in a loving and caring way, but when she discovers new …show more content…

Firstly, Liesel’s understanding of the world is slim, she often is unaware of the tragedies that surround her. Although all of that changes when she moves to 33 Himmel Street. Before being taken in by her foster parents Liesel had little education and understanding of her surroundings. It wasn't until she learned the meanings behind words that she really understood the hidden dangers of the world around her.
After being taken away from her mother, losing her brother and her father nowhere to be found Liesel's suspicions left her wondering why and what caused her to end up on Himmel Street. Often hearing the word communist around, Liesel wondered what it truly meant until one day she discovered it's true meaning. “The evil machinations plotting to infect the motherland”. As Liesel stood among the youth germany crowd “Liesel surrendered. As the word communist seized her”. (110) Standing there hearing that word again and again being shouted and ridiculed her ever lasting question had finally been answered. She knew exactly why she was no longer with her mother and father, because they too were communists who plagued the country with their betrayal, or at leasts thats what the “fuhrer” wanted her to believe. The world was no longer the place she thought it to …show more content…

An inner voice of strength Liesel never had the ability to tap into before came out of her, unleashing confidence and strength. The power of words and their meanings allowed Liesel to speak and navigate for herself. Learning and maturing she became more independent and rebellious. Liesel was able to speak up for herself but she didn't know what she was capable of until one day. As Liesel collected the laundry for her mama, Ilsa Hermann the mayor's wife delivered bad news. Liesel desperately tried to compose herself until she couldn't take it any longer. She exploded with anger unleashing words of hatred at the lady. “‘He’s dead and it's pathetic that you sit here shivering, do you think you're the only one?’ “She became spiteful, more spiteful and evil than she thought herself capable.” (262) After Liesel had spoke the words of hatred to Ilsa she became restless and continued with her new found rebellious nature. Making rudy break into the mayor's house Liesel explored a new side of herself. Words gave her the opportunity to find power from within, without the knowledge of words Liesel would have surrendered, never being able to speak her mind and express how she truly felt that day. Overall these experiences allowed Liesel to discover new things about herself. These moments we're turning points for who Liesel would some day become and it was not until she displayed her new found knowledge that she was truly able

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