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Setting: (Select a 50 word quote for setting that depicts a significant time, place and tone. Identify the word or phrase details from the text that prove your ideas)

“The day was grey, the color of Europe. Curtains of rain were drawn around the car. * * * A PHOTO OF HIMMEL STREET * * * The buildings appear to be glued together, mostly small houses and apartment blocks that look nervous. There is murky snow spread out like carpet. There is concrete, empty hat-strand trees, and gray air.” (page 27)

B. The details from the passage shed light on what Himmel Street looked like and described the mood of towns throughout Germany at the time the story is supposed to …show more content…

Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty four hours a day. That was the business of hiding a Jew.” (page 211) B. I think the message that the author is trying to convey is that there was so much pressure put on the Hubermann’s and Liesel when it came to keeping Max safe. They were completely selfless and put Max before themselves and I think one of the book's themes is courage. C. A universal idea about human experience through showing courage to me is basically just being brave and sticking it out through hard times. In addition to that, looking out for the people around you, especially people who may be considered weaker than you or people that don’t possess as much courage. A human experience with courage could be joining the army or any type of fighting force. Also, something less courageous but could mean a lot to someone is making friends with someone who may not have a bunch of friends, and not worrying about what people might say/think about you when you befriend that …show more content…

Characters: (Select 3 Characters- Please do not use ANY quotations in this section) Write a profile applying insight for 3 major characters in the work. For each character, review the text and consider the following information on characterization: How is the character directly described (physically, mentally, emotionally)? What does the character say or do that shows the reader the character’s role in the story? How do other characters react to this character and why is it significant to the story?

Character Name: Liesel Meminger
Liesel is a hard working kind hearted girl who always puts others before herself. She has blonde short hair and light brown eyes. She is so dedicated on improving her reading skills that she steals a book once in awhile. Even though she lacks an education, it doesn’t mean she lacks in intelligence.
Liesel shows that she is not afraid to act out and stand up for what she believes in when she tells Hans that she hates the Fuhrer. She also presents the fact that she is a hard worker because of how dedicated she is when she is learning how to read, she never gives up and she is always patient with Hans because she knows he’s not the strongest reader either. She understands that they need to help each other out when it comes to reading and writing.
Rudy reacts to Liesel in a cute, funny way because he has an immense and obvious crush on her. He is always pestering her for a kiss and I believe he really does love

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