How Does Liesel Make Bad Decisions

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TBT Essay - First Draft Have you ever thought something you did wasn't the best decision? Well, a girl named Liesel Meminger steals, lies, and overall makes poor decisions. Throughout the story she enjoys to steal for no reason other than she wants to. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, the main character, Liesel, makes decisions that aren't morally correct. Liesel makes bad choices because they lead others in sticky situations, only benefit herself, and are unnecessary. In this story, Liesel steals for her own benefit which inevitably leads to the people around her getting in trouble. Throughout the book Liesel steals multiple times and most of the time it is with Rudy, her best friend. Even though they have a wonderful friendship, Liesel can be selfish and disregard the fact that Rudy can be at fault. “Earnestly he said “just wait,” and hurried back around the corner. “Don’t get caught” said Liesel.” (Zusak 290). Rudy has to risk getting caught just because Liesel wanted to steal a book and was careless. Liesel and Rudy sneak into the mayor's house to steal cookies, but soon after they realize that they forgot about a plate consequently making them anxious. Liesel might be poor, but that’s no excuse to steal cookies. Also, if she was really thinking …show more content…

A foster child in Nazi Germany who's hiding a Jew would not be expected to be selfish but don't judge a book by its cover (see what I did there). As the story plays out, Liesel gets more curious and disregards the well-being of others. Liesel lies to Rudy saying that's all she could find but obviously that wasn't the case.It is evident now that Liesel steals, and along with books she also like to steal food, but only for herself. The fact that she steals food and doesn't give any to her family and hurts another makes her look like a mercenary, or someone who is self centered. By now we know that she is a

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