Hans Hubermann Didn T Know Max's Father

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III. Discussion/Essay Questions: 1. Hans Hubermann hid Max because Hans knew Max’s father and when he died in the war, he promised Max’s mother that he would help in anyway he could. Do you think that Hans Hubermann would have still hidden Max if he didn’t know Max’s father? Yes, because Hans Hubermann is a caring person and he disagrees with Hitler. 2. Liesel stole her first book when her brother died and then later on starting to steal more books. Do you think that she would have stolen all the books if her brother didn’t die? No, because she stole her first book because that is the last that reminded her of her brother, therefor she wouldn't have started up the habit of stealing more books. 3. One of Rosa customer is the Mayor’s wife. One day she invited Liesel into her house but then …show more content…

No, because she would wouldn’t have a reason too. IV. Three Key Passages: Page 24: “When the dragging was done, the mother and the girl stood and breathed. There was something black and rectangular lodged in the snow. Only the girl saw it. She bent down and picked it up and held it firmly in her fingers. The book had silver writing on it.” -This was when Liesel stole her first book and that lead her to start stealing more books. Page 180: THE THOUGHT PROCESS OF HANS HUBERMANN: He was not well-educated or political, but if nothing else, he was a man who appreciated fairness. A Jew had once saved his life and he couldn’t forget that. He couldn’t join a party that antagonized people in such a way. Also, much like Alex Steiner, some of his most loyal customers were Jewish. Like many of the Jews believed, he didn’t think the hatred could last, and it was a conscious decision not to follow Hitler. On many levels, it was a disastrous one.” - This sets the foundation of Hans’s decision to help out Max hideout and this helps start the relationship between Liesel and

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