9/11 Short Stories

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I moved along the streets of New York. Stopping now and then to check for open doors to be sure that it was closed for the night. I wasn’t wearing my uniform that night. Thank God I didn’t. Now and then I’d check the alleyways for burglars or gangs lurking them. It was just another night. But it was pretty cold. I can feel the strong winds brush up against my skin. And as I looked up above me it seemed like it was about to rain pretty soon. People in these part of the city would go home early. As I looked down at my watch I see that its already about 10 at night. Now and then you would see the lights of a small shop or of a restaurant. But most of the shops and restaurants here had been closed hours ago. As I neared my destination, …show more content…

He was sitting there staring at his phone. He looked stressed. But when he saw me he then smiled. “So who was that?” asked Matthews “Oh it was just my boss from work, asking me if I can go to work early in the morning cause my co-worker has a flu or something” I replied “Ohhh well then I guess its best if we go already then” he stood up “Oh yeah sure, its getting pretty late anyways” We both stood up, payed for the bill and exited the café. When we were outside it started pouring. We were both getting wet. He was about to run to the other side of the street but I grabbed his trench coat. “Im sorry” I shouted “Sorry for what??” he shouted back Just then red and blue lights glared through the night and then my fellow co-workers came and hand-cuffed him. “Matthew Samuels you are under arrest for robbing a bank in Chicago.” I said “Maxwell?!?! You’re a police?! How dare you!!” He shouted and struggled against my co-workers. The veins on his neck looking like they were about to pop. And his face all red from the anger he had towards me. The sirens kept blaring through our ears and the fishy smell of the sewer beside me hit my nose. But all I could do was just stare at

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