Personal Narrative: Lolapalooza

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It was a nice day in a small village called Lolapalooza. There lived about 100 people so everyone knew everyone. It was always very calm in the small village. There was never anything that would disrupt the village people. Everyone was going on with their usual routines, the men would work, the women would clean, and the children would play. Everything was normal there in the town of Lolapalooza, nothing was out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until the people of Lolapalooza felt a slight breeze come in their direction. It was always hot in the village so when they felt the winds they were speechless and shocked. The village people weren’t sure what they were supposed to do since they had never been in a situation like this before. All the men had stopped what they were doing and rushed home to their wives while the kids went home to their parents.The town’s people were at home, safe, except for four little kids. These four kids were too distracted playing with each other to …show more content…

They had to cuddle with each other in a circle to keep warm. They were as scared as ever. Never in the very short while that they have lived, have they ever felt this scared before. They thought they were going to die. An hour had passed and now they were freezing to the point where their lips were starting to get blue. Time went by and Zeno noticed something. He saw little white things falling from the sky. They were all beyond confused since they had never seen these little white things before. As the white things began to get closer to the ground, the kids got a better look at them. They were little small and had little designs on them. Every one that fell from the sky had a different design on them. They were beautiful, they had never seen anything as pretty as those. They had forgotten they were cold and went knocking on every door telling everyone to come outside and see the beautiful little white things falling from the

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