Oikawa Dialectical Journal

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Oikawa was home a morning late. He told Iwaizumi that he was going out clubbing with a few friends and be back before midnight. It was eight o 'clock in the morning and Iwaizumi stood up all night waiting for his husband to return home. He held their baby in his arms as he was crying all night long and finally fell asleep. Oikawa tried to sneak in, but with his husband sitting right in front of their door to his house, it was inevitable to sneak into their home without being caught. Oikawa was planning to tell Iwaizumi that he accidentally stayed longer than he intended and he actually fell asleep with him around two o 'clock in the morning, that wasn’t going to work with Iwaizumi as his husband, because Iwa was the kind of person who didn’t take shit from anyone. …show more content…

Iwaizumi held his baby and saw the door open with Oikawa trying to sneak in. Oikawa managed to not notice Iwaizumi. The former ace stood up irked that he didn’t notice him sitting in front of the door. Iwaizumi walked over to his hushed and cleared his throat while tapping Oikawa’s shoulder. “Where were you last night?” Iwaizumi interrogated lightly patting the baby’s back. Oikawa felt his body heat up. He didn’t want to tell his husband that he was unfaithful. He looked away and scratched his neck. Iwaizumi observed him closely watching his body language knowing this was making him uncomfortable. He just hoped he would own up to it, whatever it was he would be. Little did he know that the information that would be proposed to him would break

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