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  • Oikawa Dialectical Journal

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    Oikawa was home a morning late. He told Iwaizumi that he was going out clubbing with a few friends and be back before midnight. It was eight o 'clock in the morning and Iwaizumi stood up all night waiting for his husband to return home. He held their baby in his arms as he was crying all night long and finally fell asleep. Oikawa tried to sneak in, but with his husband sitting right in front of their door to his house, it was inevitable to sneak into their home without being caught. Oikawa was

  • Drunk Driving Creative Writing

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    hanging in the air. As a they were enjoying the high life to imports(cars from japan) came gunning down the straightaway. tires squealing as they fought for grip. the hum of the engine was overpowered by the abuse being hurtled from the group beside us. “Fuck what a Jap spec piece a shit” and “why don 't they shit boxes go up against a real car. These adults continued to drink, smoke and use their incredible vocabularies until the track dried up and was reopened to the public. As soon as they discovered

  • Beethoven Dialectical Journal

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    To the Pi Taus credit, it was an exceedingly well-edited video. With each frame carefully spliced for maximum effect, the end result told an erotic tale of uninhibited passion, the reenactment a far cry from the horror of the actual event. The first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata projecting softly through the speakers, the powerfully dark piano concerto having a profound effect on both men, capturing their imaginations in an auditory meditation of the soul. As the visual story played

  • Emotional Limitations In Elizabeth Bishop's The Man-Moth

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    Emotional limitations cause discontent when our ailments control our decisions and hold us back. In Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “The Man-Moth” and in Tennessee Williams's, The Glass Menagerie, the male protagonists in both stories face limitations. These emotional limitations drive The Glass Menagerie’s Tom to make irrational choices that were made when the dissatisfaction became too much to bear; this similar situation is found with “The Man-Moth’s” Man-Moth. The negative effect and discontent caused

  • Modernism In A Worn Path

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    With the dawn of the twentieth century came the realization that many traditional notions about civilization, culture, warfare, and even the world were entering into unknown territory. Through various sequential and cumulating events at the beginning of the era, including World War I, a new wave of thinking emerged. Characterized in literature with themes of bewilderment, uncertainty, and the apparent meaninglessness of life, Modernism reflected the devastation and insecurity left by the Great War

  • How Does Holden Lose Innocence

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    In The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger through the character Holden show the readers that at one point, everyone has to go through the journey of innocence. Holden is a seventeen year old teenager who loses his innocence along with the death of his endearing brother and draws a conclusion that losing innocence is harmful. His own journey of innocence consists of him losing innocence, then trying to protect others from losing innocence, and finally realizing that losing innocence is not damaging

  • Narrative Essay On The Virginia Road Crash

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    to snort a line. I took a big whiff, it burned my nose; they all started laughing their asses off and told me that it was acid and that they had already ingested some and were getting off. They said it is the weekend what else would you be doing? “Fuck you.” I needed to get out of there, so I jumped in my car drove to Tom’s house. I was starting to get off and having immense difficulty keeping my mind under control so as not to crash the car. I made it to Tom’s not long after, and told him what had

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Racist

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    There comes a time where you say enough is enough, not a single person can juggle a job, school, and an alcoholic mother all at a time. Although, it used to be easier, honestly it did, before my father died. Well, of course I was quite young at the time and my mother wasn’t an alcoholic with a psychosis diagnosis; however he still knew exactly how to work out my problems. I’m an adult now, nineteen years old, I finished my last day of high school Wednesday, and things are about to change. At the

  • Crewcut: A Narrative Fiction

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    “Fuck you!” Crewcut pulled out his revolver and pointed it at Claudia’s head. “You’re not going to kill me yet. You want something. Otherwise, I’d already have a branding iron buried in my chest with the words, ‘The Sixth Legion,’ buried into my chest. My guess is that you’re working for the Riggio family.” The door flung open. All three men drew their weapons. Two other South American’s entered. One wore a black Chambray shirt, and the other had a red, untucked Guayabera. They both had shiny

  • Vanoss's Crew: A Short Story

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    Reb was about 6’3, muscular yet skinny at the same time, pale skin. His hair was brown and his eyes were brownish with tints of green in them. Wearing a red muscle shirt and no jacket, he wore the same things as Caine. Both noticing this, they both bursted into laughter and hugged. “It’s been awhile, brother.” Reb said smiling, pulling away, he reached into his bag to pull out one of caine’s masks. “Yes it has, Brother, You ready for school?”, putting on the mask, mentally calming down. Both

  • La Conchita-Personal Narrative

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    There is an accident on the 405 so we take PCH. I look at the window, into the sea. I am looking for dolphins or whales, but I have never seen a whale from this road. Once, when we were driving to Summer Nationals, Dad offered me two-bucks if I saw a whale. We drive past La Conchita. La Conchita is a small town that was built at the bottom of a mountain. Last year a mud slide burried half-a-dozen houses. Eight people died, suffocated in mud and debris. You can still see the mountains of mud and the

  • One Shot Narrative

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    If I should lose you: One Shot *Fiction very loosely based on a historical event *This event was randomly picked, no personal views involved. Year: 1991 Month: January Date: 17 Time: 0500 hours Location: Kuwait Gulf War: Op?ration Daguet ?Lauu!? I briefly looked away from my moving targets in panic. He moved away from me again. We were under attack and have been in intense combat with the other forces for the last thirty-nine hours. I felt his presence slide near me as he laid on the ground next

  • Seoul Woman Monologue

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    Each. [Click.]Time. [Click.] I pull. [Click.] The trigger. [Click.] Could be. [Click.] Your last breath. [Click.] Unless they’re all empty. Wow! Almost as good as killing you. How’s your underwear now? (Slams the gun on the table and laughs.) KANE Fuck you! SEOUL So much to learn. They’re useless without bullets. And when you turn tricks . . . (Stands over her, she sobs, sirens scream.) Your girlfriend will be my insurance. One of you works. One of you stays. If you’re late, I hurt the other. Lovers

  • Creative Writing: The Old Holland Tunnel

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    One The bombs first fell when I was six years old. We had nowhere to hide because we lived in apartment buildings just like almost everyone else in Manhattan. It was a game of luck and hope. Our complex survived the trauma, as did most of southern Garden District, but pieces of debris from Village District and Canal District were left behind for months. I remember how sudden everything had been; it felt like living inside a snow globe turned upside down. You live in a perfect world and suddenly

  • The Apothecary Hayden Summary

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    With the grace of a chubby penguin, Hayden balanced on a plexiglass ladder on his tippy toes. The apprentice grunted and frowned, trying to reach a diluent to dissolve octopus’s ink. “Three kinds of cracked flasks, seven pieces of eight pairs of forceps, loose pinch and utility clamps, dozens of corroded scoopulas... And no diluent.”, he grumbled about the rubble scattered on the top shelf of a ceiling–high cabinet, and flung the impaired items onto the floor. The robotic waste nibbler Scrappy trundled

  • Cognitive Akechi: A Short Story

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    “You look so beautiful like this,” Akira says, eyes lidded and hips jerking from the pleasure of it. Cognitive Akechi whimpers around him, drawing his head back a little and focuses on working his tongue around the tip before taking him deeper again. “Like you were made to suck cock.” The door to the bathroom swings open just as Akira reaches the point of no return and spills over the edge into the steamy heat of Cognitive Akechi’s mouth. The cognitive doesn’t stop though and keeps licking, swallowing

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    “Shut up, I got this!” he exclaimed. Liam, a pseudonym for the boy’s actual name, continued to yell and get angry. Liam was my partner for my first ever Team Building Tuesday (TBT) activity in my leadership class. The sole purpose of Team Building Tuesday was to help develop our interpersonal skills. The activity was called blind drawing. Liam and I volunteered to go first. To complete the activity, I would be taking directions from Liam to depict a certain image. Therefore, the image was shown only

  • Misfits: A Short Story

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    misfits were gonna do next as I know I was. They took turns rubbing each other all over their bodies, noticeably favoring the groin and buttocks, pretending to have intercourse with every trash can in the area, yelling and just attracting as many sets of eyes as they possibly could. The girls laughed at all of this, of course, and encouraged every bit of it. They touched the guys in a sensual manner, seemingly feeling no real threat, due to the boy 's obvious preference for members of the same sex

  • The Kite Runner U Shaped Structure Analysis

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    Brief Introduction The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, was published in 2003 and considered as a contemporary classic, receiving a huge success worldwide. Set in Afghanistan and the United States. The Kite Runner illustrates the similarities as well as the differences between the two countries and the two vastly different cultures in a well-rounded manner. As a typical initiation novel, it is the story about friendships, relatives and master-servant relations, and it is a novel about right

  • Night By Elie Wiesel Father Analysis

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    For most of the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie was determined to remain with his father, after being separated from his mother and sisters during the early years of the Holocaust. Elie’s father, his only remaining relative, was all he had left. Determination to keep them together very well may have been what kept him alive. Eventually, his father’s willpower deteriorated along with his health, making him more of a burden than a tether by the end of the book. Although he still loved his father