Personal Narrative: A Career As A Racist

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There comes a time where you say enough is enough, not a single person can juggle a job, school, and an alcoholic mother all at a time. Although, it used to be easier, honestly it did, before my father died. Well, of course I was quite young at the time and my mother wasn’t an alcoholic with a psychosis diagnosis; however he still knew exactly how to work out my problems. I’m an adult now, nineteen years old, I finished my last day of high school Wednesday, and things are about to change. At the moment, I am running late for work, I hear my mother in the other room, still drunk at eight in the morning. “Lewis Grant!" she says, I grunt in displeasure. “Yes mother?” I reply. “Where are you going?” she asks drunkenly “To work, just like I do…show more content…
Mitchell’s is a squalid convenience store with a loser for an owner, Brian Mitchell. I have been working here for almost three years as a stock boy and although a pay raise and a promotion would be great, Brian believes Meghan Smith is a proper candidate for supervisor. After all Meghan’s large breasts and slutty appeal makes her over qualified for someone that has only been working here for less than a month. However, I’m not about to make this job, my career after all, though I would much rather be working here than at the nursing home just outside of our town, or the McDonalds across the street. Those seem to be the only other place in my town that I can apply that doesn’t require an education higher than that bestowed in a high school…show more content…
As I drink an energy drink and continue my sandwich, Meghan walks over, “What do you think you are doing?” Meghan says as she chews her bubble gum, “I am on my break; I told you two minutes ago I was going to take it.” I said. “Well Bri says you don’t deserve a break because you haven’t worked much since you have gotten here.” “I just set up those cans of soda right behind you, before that I took the shipment of dog food we just got and put it on the racks on the back, and before that I put the cans of soup by the frozen foods.” I reply. I watch as Meghan chews dramatically whilst giving me a disgusted look I truly hate her. Brian walks over to us and smirks, “Why are you talking back to your superior Lewis?” “I wasn’t talking back I was just trying to

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