Personal Narrative: Being Black In America

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Challenges are events that are used to change you for the better should you choose it accept it. The challenges I have faced wasn’t a matter of choice but of something that I have no control over. Some people will tell you it’s a burden, some say it’s an entitlement or free ride. Science says it’s just having a high amount of melatonin due to geographical location for survival. To me though, being black probably one of the biggest challenges a human can have in America at least I find it terribly perplexing. I say this because of what is portrayed in the media, the people I have been raised with, and racism itself in the black community. Keep in mind that this is from my own personal experiences and perspective so everything I say is just applies from my point of …show more content…

Especially when I take a look at the dynamics of the people I have met. Growing up from birth to middle school majority of my friends were white. I had some black friends too but I primarily chose my friends on things we had in common. My mother found this very concerning that I would only bring my white friend over to the house. She would tell me that I shouldn’t be so quick to trust them. It literally baffled me for the longest because I never understood why she would say that because all of my white friends were pretty alright in my opinion. Then when I learned about the history of my people it made since on why she would say that but they weren’t like that. Then for someone reason without actually realizing it in high school and college the dynamic changed completely. Most of my friends now are black and some of them have the same views as my mother. I try to tell them otherwise because I have never had someone treat me different just because of the color or my skin. It just like being stuck between a rock and a hard place because I’m sure every black person has some type of different experience, it’s not all the

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