Short Story Seeing Believes: The World God Once Knew

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Seeing Believes: The world God Once Knew

The cool summer evening brushed the trees with a slight breeze. The occasional car driving through town past the town clock which displayed the time 12:37pm. A faint hum could be heard from the electrical wires overhead. Crimson City was a small place everyone knew everyone and the community was nice and peaceful. There hadn’t been a crime in over a year since the police had made a arrest at a small pub in town for disorderly conduct. The town was in a near silence the only sounds were the electrical wires and the television belonging to the Ichijou family. The house was a simple one story building with a very small front yard and a backyard that led into a massive field that was once a farm. The only people in the house were the children of the family. Yuuji Ichijou age 6 Yuno Ichijou age 12, and Shouta Ichijou age 15. The parents had gone on what they called a vacation. They said they wouldn’t be back for a while. They had left Shouta in charge of his little siblings. Now nine months later and they still hadn’t come home. They tried to call their parents but no reply after a few months they all gave up hope. Their neighbors helped keep them in their house until Shouta could get a job. The truth was Shouta didn’t like being stuck in the house …show more content…

If I was going to leave wouldn’t I have already?”

“Yeah I guess you would’ve.”

“Exactly now go back to sleep before Yuuji waked up and starts crying because no ones in the room with him.”

“Ok good night.”

“Good night.”

Yuno went back to the bedroom the siblings shared ad was enveloped in the darkness of the hallway.

“better get some sleep hopefully this uneasiness will fade away.”

Shouta put his head on the couch and slowly dozed off.


Shouta jumped from the couch o his feet.

“Yuno Yuuji?”



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