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1. I think they find it necessary to move so often because it has been a dream for the family of six to have a piece of property like the houses shown on TV. The story begins when the family buys a new house on Mango Street. This new house is the first the family has owned and does not fulfill their dream. The house is simply not big enough for the family. Everyone, including Esperanza has to share a room. The smallness of the house, tells us that the family is poor. 2. The family had dreamed of a white house with a big yard with trees around it, a basement with lots of space, and at least three bathrooms, but the house, however, does not have those significant advantages. The narrator, Esperanza describes her family's current housing situation as …show more content…

The tone throughout this story was disappointment and embarrassment. As the reader, I notice the narrator used the word "there" very frequently and added much emphasis on it. “There, I said pointing up to the third floor. You live there? There.” Esperanza narrates in the first-person present tense and her childlike qualities of innocence and confusion gives her audience, me, the reader, a glimpse of what every child does, dream. Esperanza is abstracted by a typical childish fairy tale dream. 5. Giving human characteristics to a nonhuman thing reflects a child's perspective and makes this personification significant. This personification of the house reveals how decisive or critical the concern of the roof over her head is to Esperanza. 6. The nun's immediate reaction disturbed her because in her mind poverty is an embarrassment. The house on mango street represents everything she does not have, which is privilege. She is angry that she must be identified by it. 7. The narrator, Esperanza is telling the reader, her childhood innocence has disappeared and she knows the hard times her family is going through. And she was constantly put in an environment where she was starting to not believe in her parents or in

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