Agu Gugu Dialectical Journal Chapter 2

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The day was boring. Other than a snack of carrots, there had been no excitement for Agu Gugu. He wanted to just play with toys in his room, but even that did not seem to be an option. Opening the door to his room, Gugu 's mother looked back at him.

“You will stay there until the mess is cleaned, Agu Gugu,” she scolded him.

Page 2:

He sighed and flopped on the bed. As he lay down, a pile of shoes, capes, costumes and fire trucks cascaded on to the floor. Outside, the sun began to set as evening turned into night. It would be impossible to clean everything up. If only he was not so sleepy, he thought to himself.

When Agu Gugu opened his eyes, he was in an entire new world. Broccoli grew as tall as tress and were decorated by brightly

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