Personal Narrative: The Ravenel Family

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One stormy night the Ravenel Family were sitting at the dining table. Kelly, my mom, Jordan my sister, Dave my dad, and me of course. All you could hear the tree 's branches hitting the window, the wind howling to the beat of the rain. There with all that music my parents were whispering very nervously. Then suddenly, the light started flickering, the room darkened nothing was heard but the trees, the wind, and rain. Then I heard footsteps nearing toward me, there was a bright light shining in the corner of the room. My Mom was standing holding a candle in her right hand she placed on the dining table and I slurped my spaghetti. I looked around and all I saw was my sister, Jordan on her chair listening to music and tried to act cool. My parents were giving …show more content…

We have been tight on expenses since Kelly has lost her job. The tax and rent have made us low on money, that 's when we saw a large mansion that is newly painted and has furniture in the house already. We can sell our furniture it should give us a good amount of money. It is a 15 bedroom mansion, with 100 acres of extra property near the beach side. It is away from the other house, peace and quiet. They have been planting vegetables and fruits People a few miles away have told me that in the beachside weather you can grow various crops. There is even wheat. There is a man that comes with a truck, that comes with a truck to pick up the extra crops, we sell them to him and it goes in grocery stores. We have discussed to him to bring us some snacks and milk from the grocery store so we wouldn’t have to go anywhere. I talked to my boss about having to work remotely that means that I can stay home and work. Tt will be a wonderful experience!””I understand that it is going to be a big change, but don’t worry it will be good.” Mom

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