Personal Narrative: Jeykll

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The hardest thing to be dealt with is someone you truly care about becoming addicted to something, like drugs. Growing up, that is all I ever heard about, who died, who was in rehab, who was in jail etc. Addicts, they are people that will never be understood. They are broken, mentally. It is even harder to get a grip on if someone has never had to experience what it is like to feel that way. It is a war with yourself. Jeykll is a good person at heart, but when he drinks this drug, he turns into a monsterous being, an evil person hurting people around him, but mostly destroying himself.
People have different ways of coping with their own or someone else’s addictions. I have had to do both, niether of them are easy, and are very confusing. More …show more content…

She would be the last person I thought to do anything because her parents are/were addicted to drugs. Then again, there is always a reason we do these things, this was because her boyfriend did it, which she thinks she is in love with him, so ofcourse she is going to do what he says. It started with her telling me she only did it once, I could tell she was acting different, distant, sassy, espescially after I told her something would be done if she did it again. She got defensive about everything, depressed, she also weighs 70 pounds. I think when you first try something, you do not think much of it then and there but eventually you want more. I do not think she took that into consideration. In the novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde, Jeykll is a good person but drinks stuff, like a drug, that changes him into someone else, Mr. Hyde, a monster, evil person. Jeykll is then addicted to it. “-- He now begs them to search with the most sedulous care, and should any of the same quality be left, to foward it to him at once. Expense is no consideration. The importance of this to Dr. J. can hardly be exaggerated” (30). Jekyll really wanted the drug, after not being able to get the same before, he almost loses it. Just like drug addicts, who do not have their drugs, they do lose their minds from not having

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