Why Does Jekyll Create Hyde

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Ty DeJames Mr. Neely September 3, 2014 Period 4 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay Why does Jekyll create Hyde? When encountering the question why does Jekyll create Hyde there are many opinions or possibilities that can be brought to attention. "Edward Hyde is not a separate personality living in the same body as Henry Jekyll. “Hyde” is just Jekyll, having transformed his body into something unrecognizable". Jekyll does not make the potion to take away all evil away from himself. He created a potion that would allow himself to express his feelings without feeling guilt and facing any consequences effecting his respectable self. Dr. Jekyll in the novella is a respected professor and well known around the town. While Hyde on the other hand is almost the complete opposite. Hyde seems to appear much younger than Jekyll also. Jekyll in this novella uses Hyde to get away with all the horrific things he wants to do such as murder. Jekyll are the same but at the same time they are not. Jekyll creates Hyde because he does not want to live without consequences, and he wants to hide his evil intentions. One of the reasons I personally believe Jekyll creates Hyde is to not face the consequences of murdering someone. As most know, Jekyll is a well-respected man and has a good reputation. The man he creates "Hyde" is almost the opposite. Hyde murders a man named Sir Danvers Carew in the novella. Hyde then has an awful reputation after trampling a girl, and murdering

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