Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Compare And Contrast

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two completely different people. They are different, not just in physical appearance, but also in behaviors. Differences in characters are important especially if there are two main characters or two characters that are mentioned as much as these two are. So, this is not a surprise that these two characters are different in almost everyway. To start, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are different in physical appearance. Even though they are different in physical appearance, they are close. Dr. Jekyll is a “well known, large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty, with something of a stylish cast”. While Mr. Hyde, was a much younger man than Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll is a friend of Mr. Hyde, and this is evident because Mr. Hyde was put into Dr. Jekyll’s will, so you can say that these two are friends. Mr.Hyde,however, does not have many friends. …show more content…

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are different in their behaviors. Mr. Hyde can break out into a great flame of anger. This is evident because while a maid servant was getting ready for bed, she was staring out her window and saw what Mr. Hyde had done. Mr. Hyde was talking with someone and he was listening with an “ill-contained impatience,” and out of nowhere, Mr. Hyde broke out into a great flame of anger, stamping his foot, brandishing the cane, and carrying on, The maid servant described him as a madman. He then proceeded to break all of his victim’s bones and ended up killing him. While Dr. Jekyll is more of a laid back type of person, he does not want to talk certain things such as why Mr. Hyde was in his

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