Victor Frankenstein Villain Quotes

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How far can a man go before he hits a wall? In science, there seems to be no wall. But a barrier, a barrier of ethics. In modern times, man has turned himself into god with astonishing scientific advances. Vaccines, artificial intelligence, too many modern accommodations, and the subject of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel, giving life to the dead. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who brings a conglomeration of human and animal parts back from the dead. Despite his logical act of destroying the monster’s bride, Frankenstein still imprints hate, and hunts down his monster, making him the villain of his own story. The first clumsy act of villainy Frankenstein commits is when he first creates the monster. This horrid creature, made of human and animal parts, is born without intelligence, but more importantly is born with the ability to learn. He is a young child thrown into a world where he doesn't belong. Curious of his surroundings, the monster stumbles upon Frankenstein and is immediately met with disgust. The first thing the monster receives in his fresh existence, is hate and rejection. Frankenstein instills hate into the monster’s …show more content…

Frankenstein let this situation slip through his fingers, and because of it many people he loved died. Even the act of creating the monster is questionable as whether it’s good or bad. But that’s a different discussion. Frankenstein’s drive to kill the monster and enact his revenge caused the monster to kill more and more. In a way, the monster was Frankenstein’s medium for murder, considering that Frankenstein’s actions result in death. In a simplified way of thinking, Frankenstein murdered all of the monster’s victims. He created the monster, he planted the seeds of hate, and he motivated the monster. This is why Frankenstein is the villain, it’s his naive stupidness that indirectly causes death and

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