Friendship Definition Essay

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So when it comes to friendship people often think of people that have each others backs. They stick by each others sides through all the tough times and depressing experiences, as well as having a good time when in each others presence. The Definition given by for friendship is " a relationship between people who like each other and enjoy each other's company." This Definition is very vague and as such the following scenario will put it to the test. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Your good friend has just confessed to you something you have been suspecting for a while: he (or she) is addicted to hard drugs (say, heroin or meth) and (or) prescriptions drugs. Your friend is worried about the addiction, does not know what to do, but... the friend makes it clear to you that he (or she) only confessed to you because he (she) needed someone to talk to, he (or she) asks you to not tell anyone about the addiction or the details of your conversation, asks that you give your word to not tell anyone, which you (on an impulse) do. _____________________________________________________________________________________ …show more content…

Your friend has told you that they are having problems and because they enjoy your company in particular has come to you to let you know. You then tell someone after being told not to but only because you care. But the problem in doing so Is you broke their trust. But no where in the definition is there anything mentioning the use of trust or breaking trust. If you are to have trust with someone it must go both ways so if someone was to have given you as an example alcohol when you were under aged and you didn’t tell anyone. And then later they told someone and you get blamed for it over them. Then

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